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Glen Ellyn

"The Friendliest Club in Rotary"

We meet In Person
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Glen Oak Country Club
21W451 Hill Ave.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
United States of America
(630) 309-1851
In October the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn set in motion our annual citrus sale. The sales were abysmal at first, but the momentum built to a brisk pace in late November and the direct donations as well as our a citrus purchases picked up. One anonymous donor gave $6,000. Many others gave smaller but significant direct donations. These donations provide 100% profit, therefore the money goes so much further to help local non-profits and 14 scholarships to Glenbard South and West students as well as some vocational scholarships. Then the citrus sales picked up in early December and by the last day of sales we surpassed our goal for sales and donations. We are so thankful to all our members and those that support our "Citrus Sale." We are thankful to Wheaton Rotarian Sean Nelsen and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards students who helped deliver citrus to large purchasers. The Village Links in Glen Ellyn provided the use of their maintenance shed to store the fruit over night and then the Club entrance portico to use for purchasers to drive by to pick up the fruit.....This made Christmas hopeful for many families and students.
Tail Gate:
Rotarian Penny Belke made a big hit with the tail gate Rotary meeting she planned and executed for us in the parking lot of Alfie's Restaurant in Glen Ellyn. Alfies's accommodated us with their famous cheese burgers and fries in the middle of the lot. Penny gave a plate of home made cookies to each member in attendance. Merry Christmas!
It was our annual meeting to elect and ratify our club board. Previous to the regular meeting we had a meeting of our Foundation Board. The discussion revolved around the financial report and a possible international project with a club in Copenhagen Denmark, suggested by Peter Zeuthen.
Rotarian Mark Franz was elected President and his board nominations were ratified for the 2021/22 year.
27 members and guests attend the tail gate meeting in person and about 6 joined us by Zoom. This was the best attended meeting since the covid 19 lock down in March.
Our annual Christmas food packing project for the Jr. Woman's Club of Glen Ellyn was curtailed to ten people in the building as a result of the covid situation. We packed food packages for about 50 families that will be distributed with gifts to elderly and families in Glen Ellyn. 
Another curtailed activity is our Christmas gift wrapping for other families in the community. Our gift wrap for those wishing for a Christmas season with grace, hope and love...Merry Christmas!
Each Rotary member purchases gifts for one or two children and we wrap them at our annual wrapping gathering. Not this year! We made the donations but one member, Kathy Borello, purchased and delivered the presents. The money we collected from the members is matched by a Rotary District 6440 grant. These two activities benefit around 100 families. It is our privilege to be able to extend our service to our neighbors.
Lets do a "wheelie" for citrus. Get peddling and come down the "Village Links" golf course on December 11 or 12th for a marathon sale of fruit.
Thank you to Rotarian Peter Zeuthen for displaying our rolling citrus signs.
Our newest member, and the third in a month, is Janet Sutherland, author, speaker and dog lover.
She is a consultant with Sutherland Media Broadcasting & Media Production Company
Paul J. Keenon Assistant District Governor for District 6440  and Glen Ellyn Rotarian along with Penny Belke, performed the induction at our last meeting. Of course it was hybrid with Janet at her office and some of the members at the Glen Oak Country Club.
Please welcome Janet to the club. At the time of induction she was the newest member of Rotary in the entire world.
The Borgen Project is a bipartisan lobby group to help end global poverty. 

In a Nutshell: We fight extreme poverty.

Mission Statement: The Borgen Project believes that leaders of the most powerful nation on earth should be doing more to address global poverty. We’re the innovative, national campaign that is working to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy.

Derek Eli Denton is an intern with the Borgan Project.

To understand the scope of the project I suggest you check out their web site.



A timely topic! One that was handled very succinctly and with great aplomb. Dawn Bussey, Glen Ellyn Library Director and Rotarian, gave an overview of what the three words "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" really mean. One notable take away, for me, was the difference between "Equality and Equity", how it makes more sense to strive for "Equity" and how this impacts the outcome of our efforts..... There will a be a series of conversation, planed for January, that will address these three words in regards to our community. It will be held via Zoom as a partnership with the Village of Glen Ellyn, GE library, Park District, College of DuPage, Districts 41, 87 and 89. Can you get more community minded that that...PJ
Rotarian Peter Zeuthen preparing the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn bicycle racks for World Polio Day.The world is two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and just a few case from Polio being totally eradicated. Please join us in our endeavor to completely eradicate Polio. The USA has been polio free since 1985....PJ
Great thing are happening at the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn!
We are beginning to re-gather in person with covid protections but many still have a personal reasons for coming to the meetings on Zoom. This week we had 13 in person and about 7 on Zoom.

Next and so joyous is the that two new members were inducted into the club by Assistan Govenor and Glen Ellyn member Paul J. Keenon. Kevin and Lyndi Bowers have joined in a shared membership with Lyndi as the primary member and Kevin, who will b e just as much a part of the club, as the other member in the group. Let's call it the "Bowers" group! Please congratulate them as you see them or with a an e-mail. Kevin is a Research Director at TSIA and Lyndi is a Portfolio Marketing Manager. They have 6 children ranging in age from 20 to 1 years old. Our President Erika Krehbiel is their sponsor.

Another important happening is that Peter Zeuthen has received yet another "Paul Harris Fellow" award. This is Peters 5th Paul Harris Fellow award. Congratulations Peter.
Paula Nugent, from the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry,
brought us the plans for the new, permanent building to house the pantry and distribution center.
She presented from the Glen Oak Country Club with a hybrid in person and Zoom meeting. We thank her for adjusting to this unique situation.
Read on there is much more information!
One of the most particle speakers we have had in months!
Look up Liz Repking, Cyber Safety Consulting, you won't be disappointed.
She is an expert in cyber scams and cyber safety issues particularly when it comes to teens and twines.


Virtually, Governor Lyle Staab came to visit though Zoom/hybrid. He was joined by Assistant Governor Sam Johnson and 7 in person and 16 virtual club members.

Rotarian Penny Belke opened her home for those who wanted to attend the Governors board and regular club meeting.

Invest in Kids Act- Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program....Edward F. Burjek: CPWA®, CFP®, CRPC®
Senior Vice President - Wealth Management
Wealth Management Advisor

A program worth looking at if you have children or grandchildren that will some day go to college....PJ





Ten of our members made our routine clean up of Park Boulevard in Glen Ellyn. It was remarkably clean.. Possibly due to Covid 19. No classes at College of DuPage, No classes at Glenbard South and No church services at St James the Apostle Catholic Church....So a clean area but we had some minor pick up and a great deal of personal contact and good conversations in person. It was refreshing to be with good friends...

In the first photo you will see a big orange thing, It's not a carrot, that is our own Ed Scheer social distancing and wearing a mask...PJ

The reason we Rotarians join this kind of club is to help! The list below is a testament to the dedication to Glen Ellyn and the surrounding area. We have supported many non-profit organizations since our charter in 1943. This year, in early April and May, we gave away 10 scholarships totaling about $25,000 to students at Glenbard South and Glenbard West as well as students from Technical Center of DuPage.
We also donated $3,000 to shelter Box, an organization that provides for families that are without a home or belongings because of disasters like hurricanes, floods, and war.
The list below is some of the organizations we supported in the last two weeks of presentations. The donations add up to approximately $15,000. The names with the organizations are those accepting the awards for their organizations. There are more but they will be awarded at another date.
Cosley Zoo - Sue Wahlgren
Easter Seals of Fox Valley - Courtney Bronec
Glen Ellyn Juniors - Lynn & Dawn
Inside Out Clubs - Marion Ruthig
Peoples Resource Center - Morgan
Turning Point Autism - Barb Brauer
CASA - Beth Stremel
1 Community - Gilda Ross & Erica Nelson
Giant Steps - Lisa Ewers
NAMI DuPage - Rachel Tsen
Glen Ellyn Children's Center - Leah Harding
Supplies for Success
Ryall YMCA - Rob Wilkinson
Teen Parent Connection - Emily Dudley
Glen Ellyn Public Library - Dawn Bussey
Chocolaterie Stam for Mothers Day at the Brookdale Retirement Home
The Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn donated chocolate roses to the woman of Brookdale Retirement Home in Glen Ellyn. President Elect Erika Krehbiel's daughter, Lauren Krehbiel, made the Happy Mothers Day sign. Thanks to the owner of the Chocolaterie Stam and Rotarian Liz Major for the delicious chocolates!....This is our Rotarians trying to brighten some lives during this Covid-19 lock down. All of the women in this home will not be able to see their loved ones this Mothers day.....PJ
If you missed the "Big Wheel" ZOOM event Wednesday  night, you missed a fun time. Phil Norton MC'd the event in the way only he can. President Penny deserves our gratitude and honor for all she did to make this event not only possible, in light of the social distancing, but to make it profitable. In no small way the success was do to her work and the vision of offering "Paul Harris" point to entice people to purchase more "Shares."
Thank you to all who purchased shares and raffle tickets in advance, and for the donations of door prizes and silent auction items.. 
A successful event !  39 attendees to Zoom!  19 door prizes awarded

Last four winners
#93 Briggs group
#100  Rich Jensen
#51 Belke/Borello
#6 Stone/Willsey
Do to the generosity from all the support we will clear $13,000 plus once all the proceeds are received!
9 members will become  Paul Harris Fellows with their second ticket donation to Big Wheel!
As most of you know the proceeds will go towards scholarships and local non-profit organizations ....PJ
Village Update - Mark Franz, Village Manager           
While we are all at home awaiting release from quarantine the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn has been moving forward. We have ZOOM'ed into action. Is that too cutesy for you Rotarians? That is the effect of quarantine on this normally curmudgeonly septuagenarian.
The club has used Zoom to have a "Rotary on the Road" gathering, to conduct the interviews of 20 scholarship applicants with four members presiding, a board meeting and one regular club lunch meeting. I for one am grateful to District 6440 for purchasing the Pro-Zoom app for each club in the district so we can stay connected and continue to do business in the community.
The club also gave a grant to the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry of $1,400 to supplement the needs during this time of quarantine and loss of incomes for those less fortunate. $700 of this grant was matched buy Rotary District 6440.
Mark Franz filled us in on the Village of Glen Ellyn's two objectives: Essential services and communications to the citizens of the village. All departments are operative and NO employees have been diagnosed with Covid-19. The villages offices are closed and separation protocols are in place for essential village employees: staggered shifts, 45 lap tops assigned to workers to use at home. The unsheltered people we usually see in Glen Ellyn are being sheltered in hotels. About 90 rooms are being used. Churches and PADS are helping coordinated and provide food and other basic needs for the homeless.
The Frida Kahlo exhibit may be differed to another time. No final decision has been made. The Taste of Glen Ellyn has been moved to August 27 - 29 and the French start market to June 1. All other special events have been cancelled.
Some of the planned capital projects will go forward and some will have a 30 day hold or rescheduling.
More information about the Covid-19 news and plans for the village or county:, the village web site has a covid-19 dashboard with details and specifics about both the village and the county cases. AM 1620 is the Village local radio station.
Big Wheel Night is ON!
Maybe not the way you expect.
But, we all, must adjust to the new circumstances.
Here is the plan.
April 22, 2020 at 7:15 we will commence the gathering virtually. If you have purchased a certificate for the "Big Wheel" you will be sent an invitation to link up to the event. There will not be a dinner.
If you care to donate:
Purchase one certificate of the event is $120.00.
Cash prizes of $1,500, $1,000 and $500
Of course you can donate cash anytime!
Please, send your checks to the:
 Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn Foundation.
Mail you check to PO. Box 3510, Glen Ellyn, IL 60138.
The Glen Ellyn Rotary Foundation is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and $120 of the ticket price is tax deductible.

The Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn uses these funds to fulfill the six targets of Rotary International: Supporting education, Growing local economies, Fighting disease, Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, Promoting peace!

Locally the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn provides 12 scholarships. Eight for students going on to college and two to students going on to trade school or College of DuPage. We also promote local non-profit agencies doing relief work and working with at risk youth form our area.





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