Polio Eradication:
Glen Garlick, End Polio Now committee chair and member of the Buffalo Grove Rotary Club, informed us of the critical need to continue committing our time, talent and finances for the eradication of polio. He shared the continued need with the example of the recant spread of polio or contaminated waste water in England, up State New York and Israel. It continues to be a major problem in the last two countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
We can participate in the District 6440 "Polio Plus Society" by pledging to give $100 above you current giving until polio is completely eradicated.
Then he gave explanation of the different types of polio and different inoculations in different parts of the world. Also, he remarked about the "game changer" new vaccine that is more stable and prevents the need for live vaccine and helps eliminate the spread that has recently happened.